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Our Values

Christian Worldview

Our students approach every subject acknowledging God as the centre of creation. The Bible is the foundation of all our learning, and the application of our learning is designed to bring hope and God’s love to our community and the world.

Dedicated Teachers

Teachers at HCCS model a life of Christian service for their students and work tirelessly to help each child achieve their full potential. The staff is made up of qualified Christian professionals. Teachers, support and administrative staff work in harmony and are regarded as equal partners in the task of Christian education.

Home & School Partnerships

We are eager to work with you to ensure your child is successful.  Regular communications between families, teachers, and staff is key to developing a love of learning in each student. Parents are kept up to date on school and classroom activities with a regular weekly newsletter, parent-teacher interviews and occasional emails or phone calls.

Devotions & Chapel

Daily prayer and devotions are an integral part of a day at Heritage. Teachers meet regularly for devotional times and students gather weekly for chapel. Classroom prayer begins and ends the day and is interspersed throughout the day. Individual situations are dealt with prayerfully, and the community prays daily for the school.


HCCS is an interdenominational school, rooted in church communities and families that contribute to the development of our students. This community is a supportive one, caring for the needs of all involved. The larger Christian community forms a support base for the school–financially, prayerfully, and physically.

Strong Academics

HCCS’s learning focus is designed to educate the whole child mentally, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically. Student learning is accomplished through inquiry, hands-on learning and real life application. Our aim is to develop a student’s awareness of their responsibility to God, self, others and creation.

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