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Our Program

By God's grace, Heritage High aims to cultivate within its students a life-long devotion to seeking God's Truth

and living redeemed lives.

Currently, we partner with a variety of online education institutions. They are all accredited high school programs that have an online format. Through our partnerships we can offer all of the compulsory courses at the academic and applied levels, along with a variety of optional credits.  Thanks to these online programs we are able to find the one that best suits the needs of each student. 

What We Offer

Students have the opportunity to discuss ideas, edit assignments, ask questions, prepare for tests, and share academic concerns with our on-site support staff member.

A flexible model of education allows students the opportunity to deviate from the weekly schedule at times to engage in educational experiences that arise.

A safe environment for students to work through

their courses.

Monthly service projects that allow us to serve the community around us.

A daily devotional.

Physed class twice a week with the occasional off site activity.

1-on-1 guidance

sessions that touch on

three specific areas of development:

spiritual development, personal development,

and academic development.

Heritage High Outside
the Classroom

Love My


At Heritage High we love our neighbours. Love My Neighbour is a program where students go out and help members of the community giving them the opportunity to show the love that God has for them to others.


Whether it be through doing yard work, making meals, or anything else, students have a great opportunity to help people in the community and share God's great unconditional love.

We are always looking for opportunities to show God's love. If you know of someone who could use our help or any opportunities for our students to love a neighbour, please let us know.

Off Property Events

We love being able to take our students off property and get to know one another better.


We do this through fall retreats, service projects, post exams break, leadership training, and an end of the year event!


It is something our students look forward to every year and helps build a strong bond with each other as we journey through the year together.

Weekly Schedule

Heritage High Weekly Schedule (3).png

Tuition and Enrollment

To learn more about tuition or apply, see our Tuition page. 

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