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Many events are held throughout the year, bringing families and students together to share the joy of being a part of the greater community. Look here for more information and ways to volunteer closer to the time of the events!

Celebration of Learning

“I remember our Celebration of Learning days as being a highlight of attending HCCS. I’ll never forget learning about the Roman and Greek empires because of these special events.”

Aaron Z., HCCS Alumni

Celebrations of learning are created for an audience beyond the classroom. Preparing meaningful, beautiful work to be shared with the public—the authentic audience— motivates students and creates a purpose for them to care about the quality of their work. 

Parents, family and friends  and community members are invited to attend these celebrations. Dates to be determined closer to the event.

A highlight of the year, held each spring, this is our annual fundraiser that brings the fun to fundraising! 

Volunteers are always welcome and needed - it’s a great way to connect and contribute! 

Gala Dinner & Auction Fundraiser

More of Our Events


Book Fair

Deck the Halls Thrifty’s Sale

Jingle Bell

Sale Event

Christmas Program

Christmas Parades

Pastor Appreciation

Garden Tea Party


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