Our Kindergarten students have the opportunity to play percussion instruments and learn about music in motion. They are also introduced to basic music theory and learn to play the recorder!

Grades 1-2

Our grade ones and twos are given the chance to learn music through instrumental lessons that include ukuleles, recorders, boom whackers, and bucket drumming. Our students are given various opportunities throughout the year to perform for the school community and parents, showcasing their instrumental and vocal talents.

Grades 3-8

At HCCS, our junior and senior students participate in a string music program that includes group violin instruction. They are taught the concept of open string bowing and the first position on the A and E strings, from there they continue to advance their skills each year. In the past, some student have chosen to play other instruments such as the cello, flute, piano, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and drums. Every student continues to learn musical theory concepts and also have the opportunity to perform at scheduled events throughout the school year.

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