What We Offer

At Heritage Community Christian School we have high academic standards and we work with each child individually to make sure they get the help they need to excel!

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Hear what our HCCS families have to say!

"HCCS was the right choice for our 3 children. Due to the high academic standards at HCCS our children were very well prepared for the public high school system. They enrolled in academic and university level classes and were all on the honour roll each term. There is no doubt that choosing Christian Education is a big commitment, both personally and financially, but it is well worth it in the end!"

~ Parent of HCCS Grads

"Our children attended the public school system for several years. Our middle child was having educational concerns.... She did not qualify for extra help from the public school system. We moved her to HCCS ... and within 6 months she had achieved her academic level. The educational standards are much higher at HCCS... her achievement was due to the loving, caring and understanding learning environment. We only get one chance to make a difference in our children's education. We are thankful for the opportunity to attend HCCS. It has made our children very happy.

~ Parent of HCCS Students

"My child was completely stressed out in the public school system. Joining HCCS changed everything."

"We sold our house and bought a house closer to HCCS - it is that good!"

"My child switched to HCCS in May because he was in grade 3 and could not read. His previous teachers said that he would never learn. The teachers at HCCS taught him how to read in just a few months. It was amazing."