By God's grace, Heritage High came to exist in 2017 and aims to cultivate within its students a life-long devotion to seeking God's Truth and living redeemed lives.

Currently, we partner with the Virtual learning Centre (VLC), an accredited online provider of high school courses based in the Trillium Lakelands District School Board. Through our partnerships we can offer all of the compulsory courses at the academic and applied levels, along with a variety of optional credits.

VLC includes:

  • 2-3 live lessons per week at set days and times. These lessons are recorded and can be watched at any time, however, live particiaption is encouraged.

  • Textbook pages are often available to print.

  • Each course tends to have either an assignment or a test every week, and often requires students to synthesize and reflect upon what they have learned over the course of the week.

What Heritage High offers:

  • A safe environment for students to work through their courses.

  • One on one support and accountability in the classroom.

  • Students have the opportunity to discuss ideas, edit assignments, ask questions, prepare for tests, and share academic concerns with our on-site support staff member.

  • A Flexible Model of Education allows students the opportunity to deviate from the weekly schedule at times to engage in educational experiences that arise.

  • Weekly one on one guidance sessions that touch on three specific areas of development: spiritual development, personal development, and academic development.

  • Monthly leadership development sessions that allow students to learn and develop leadership skills.

  • Our on-site program officially runs Monday-Thursday. Fridays are provided as Personal Development Days, during which students are expected to invest time and energy in activities that develop their personal gifting and interests.

Heritage High outside the classroom:

  • We love being able to take our students off property and get to know one another better. We do this through fall retreats, service projects, post winter exams break, leadership training, and an end of the year event! It is something our students look forward to every year and helps build a strong bond with each other as we journey through the year together.

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